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The Values that Define Us

High Production Quality
Colorful, Bold, Different Designs
Comfortable Patterns

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quality, stilize, and versatile design.

LAVIN was founded to design stylish, creative and timeless clothes for women who enjoy every moment of life. Since the first day of its establishment, LAVIN has been inviting women to dream and feel happy with its modern design approach, bold color palettes, innovative patterns and different perspective.

The collections prepared by the LAVIN design team with different combination options and unique details are produced in Istanbul with high quality standards; all materials used from the design of the models to the production stage are also in accordance with these standards.

what we do?

To create a globally recognized, respected and socially conscious women's ready-to-wear brand, we create quality clothes that will inspire women who follow fashion and have their own unique style, and that they will enjoy wearing.

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